Resources: Get the Facts! Raise Awareness!

In honor of Stroke Awareness Month, we want to ensure that the awareness and education grows for pediatric stroke. Early diagnosis is critical and will dramatically impact long-term outcomes. We encourage you to share these materials and information with family, friends, co-workers, teachers, school nurses, coaches, fireman, police, paramedics, healthcare providers, day care providers, and anyone else that should know what stroke looks like in babies, children, and teens.

Created in collaboration with the American Stroke Association.

CNF & CNS Joint Official Response to COVD-19
The Child Neurology Foundation and the Child Neurology Society issued a joint response to offer guidance to families and physicians dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic.

International Pediatric Stroke Organization
Founded in February 2019, IPSO is an organization of health professionals and scientists who care about stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases in childhood. They developed out of the original collaborative network, the International Pediatric Stroke Study (IPSS), and now aim to broaden the scope of our mission beyond research. Membership for clinical and research professionals worldwide who care about childhood stroke and cerebrovascular disease is currently open!

Lelaina (Laney) Jaymes Fitzsimons

Laney’s Story: The Problem of Delayed Diagnosis of Pediatric Stroke
Parent advocacy groups and collaborations of pediatric stroke specialists work to improve recognition of pediatric stroke through research, social media campaigns, and education. These groups are often born of tragedy: a patient suffers a devastating stroke, and a physician turns her efforts to champion the field while a parent rallies families to advocate for improved recognition of a shared diagnosis. In this case, the death of a bright, beautiful 4-year-old girl inspires a family to dedicate her legacy to this noblest of causes: spreading her story so that someone else’s child may live. Published by American Academy of Pediatrics, 2019

A Stroke Can Happen At Any Age: Alex’s story
Video created in partnership with the American Stroke Association. Alex’s mom who is an EMT, didn’t recognize the symptoms of stroke in her 11-year-old son. But she is now educating other EMS in her community.

Pediatric Stroke: Definitions and Terminology from Calgary Pediatric Stroke Program

Frequently Asked Questions on Perinatal Stroke from Calgary Pediatric Stroke