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A common belief is that stroke only occurs in adults. Many are not aware that a stroke can happen at any age. Strokes can and do happen in children, teens, babies, and even before birth, sometimes with no known cause. In honor of Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month, the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke created a campaign and brought together pediatric stroke advocacy organizations worldwide to support pediatric stroke awareness and education across the globe! A huge thank you to Kaysee Hyatt, founder and president of Pediatric Stroke Warriors, for designing the graphics!

We encourage everyone to participate in building the needed awareness for pediatric stroke. We have resources, stories and information that are intended to be shared for awareness and education. To make this campaign a success, we need your help! There are a number of ways you can participate and it is our greatest hope that you join us in this campaign for Pediatric Stroke Awareness!

BE FAST FOR KIDS: Learn what a stroke looks like in a baby, child or teen and share the new fact sheets!

The International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke recently partnered with the American Heart Association to produce two new fact sheets. One for perinatal stroke and one for childhood stroke. Please share and distribute these in your network. Remember Balance Eyes Face Arm Speech Time for KIDS and call the emergency system in your country if your see a child with one or more of these symptoms. Learn more on the BE FAST page.

BE A VOICE: Join us in raising awareness by reading and sharing the stories submitted by parents whose child’s diagnosis of stroke was delayed.

Read these powerful stories of children whose stroke was not diagnosed right away. Help raise awareness about what a stroke looks like in children and Be A Voice by sharing these stories. You may also go to the World Map registration page and add the name of your child and their story to the interactive world map.


Research for pediatric stroke is historically under-supported and under-funded. This severely limits the ability to investigate important aspects of pediatric stroke, such as new treatments, factors influencing the quality of life of survivors, and causes and prevention of pediatric stroke. The first critical step in achieving more research is to educate and raise awareness that strokes can happen in babies, children and before birth. The campaign for Pediatric Stroke Awareness will play an important role in achieving that first step. You can be part of this initiative to be the change you want to see in the world!

Please go to the Be the Change page to learn more about pediatric stroke, find additional resources that can be shared and help educate and raise awareness across the globe!


Thank you to the following organizations and advocacy leaders for their collaboration and support of UNITED4PEDIATRICSTROKE.ORG.

Asociación de Hemiparesia Infantil “Hemiweb”


Fight the Stroke

The International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke

The Kiss Initiative

Love for Larson

Pediatric Stroke Warriors