About This Campaign

During these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, hope for families dealing with pediatric stroke is more important than ever. School and therapies done at home by wearied parents can be exhausting. Stroke signs and symptoms may go unnoticed, but it is more important than ever to know what a stroke looks like in a child or teen.

Stroke Awareness month looks a bit different this year but we still need to continue raising awareness that a stroke can happen at ANY age. With that in mind, the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke created a Hope for Pediatric Stroke campaign to help increase the awareness of strokes in the pediatric population and inspire hope in parents.

Share your child’s story on our interactive World Map and “meet” others from around the globe.

Read real-life Stories from around the world of families who have shared their child’s experience of living with pediatric stroke. Know that you are not alone. There is hope for many of these children to lead rich fulfilling lives.

Use our Resource page to find brand NEW FACT SHEETS, done in collaboration with the American Stroke Association. With reports that strokes and blood clots are being seen in young adults with COVID-19, it’s even more important to know the signs and symptoms of stroke. If you see anyone with the F.A.S.T.symptoms, no matter what age, call the emergency system in your country immediately. Find more useful information on our Resource page.

Please know that we are all in this together. Let’s use the month of May to increase hope and raise awareness for pediatric stroke!