About This Campaign – ARCHIVE

While the impact of pediatric stroke is different for each child, the one similarity a stroke brings is the lifelong changes for the child and the entire family. For World Stroke Day this year, we want to join the World Stroke Organization’s theme of “Up Again After Stroke” and draw the world’s attention to how these children, their parents/caregivers, siblings and family members find their new normal after pediatric stroke.

So, for World Stroke Day 2018, we want to hear from our pediatric stroke families! We are asking parents/caregivers, older children, young adults who had a stroke as a child and anyone who has been affected by pediatric stroke to share your personal experience of how you went on with your life after a stroke. We would also like to reach out to those parents who tragically lost their child due to stroke. Although understandably painful, what you experienced could help other families through a very difficult time.

You can read what others are saying, but we would also like to hear from you! Tell us what helped you get up again and create a new normal for you/your family? What were some of the obstacles? What were some of the lessons you learned? Details about how to submit your experience is on the Finding Your New Normal page.

You can also post your child’s story on our interactive World Map and join the almost 400 families who have already honored their child by placing a marker. We know there are thousands of children who have been impacted by stroke, and this is a way to visually see just how many there are! We encourage you to join the Pediatric Stroke community!

Please see our Resource page to find publications, tools, organizations, support and much more from around the world.

We look forward to having you join the World Stroke Day campaign and hearing what your triumphs and trials have been for getting up again after stroke and adjusting to your new normal! Thank you!!!