Dorian: Perinatal Stroke, Minnesota

My name is Dory. I love my brother Livien, playgrounds, being outdoors, hunting and superheroes. I am almost 6 years old — but let’s back track. When I was about two days old, my nurses noticed that something wasn’t right with me. I started having pauses in my breathing and seizures. I was taken to a special place called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. While I was there the doctors ran many tests and discovered that before I was born I had a stroke. You may be surprised to hear that. Yep, that’s right, I am a stroke survivor.

I have had lots of supports throughout my life–family, teachers, special doctors, speech and occupational therapists, and a family skills therapist–I call them “Team Dorian”. Some things are still very challenging for me. I have some processing and reasoning difficulties which are invisible to others. I need different tools and interactions to help support me.

My goal is to raise awareness about pediatric strokes. Awareness is so important as identifying or diagnosing a stroke is often missed or delayed in children because people don’t think of a baby or a child having a stroke. I hope my story helps save and teach others. It is because of the early diagnosis and early interventions, as well as continued prayers from family and friends that I have overcome some of my obstacles. I still have lots of challenges ahead of me. I get lots of support from Team Dorian to help me meet my needs. Some days are easier for me than others, and I am thankful for my life and the opportunity to try again and be the best Dorian that I can be.

I raise awareness every May by joining as a community and raising funds, walking at the Minnesota Strides for Stroke. This year I am raising money through giving the proceeds of my Team Dorian shirts to Pediatric Stroke Warriors.


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